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Frequently Asked Questions

You must be 18 years of age or older

Ontario Residents, must qualify under OHIP exclusions and have a third-party payor as listed below:

  • AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE: Auto insurance policies are specifically excluded from the general prohibition against
    contracts of insurance for the payment of the costs of services insured by OHIP. All auto insurance policies provide for
    certain “medical benefits” including all reasonable and necessary expenses for medical and hospital services, and
    any related assessments or examinations, incurred by an insured person as a result of an automobile accident.

  • WSIB: Services that a person is entitled to receive under the insurance plan established pursuant to the
    Workplace Safety and Insurance Act are not services insured by OHIP. A worker who sustains a personal injury by
    accident arising out of and in the course of his employment is entitled to such health care (including services
    provided by a physician/hospital) as may be necessary, appropriate and sufficient as a result of the injury, with the
    costs of such health care to be paid by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board.

  • THIRD PARTY SERVICES: A “third party service” is a service that is provided to a person by a physician, hospital or
    other service provider in connection with a request or requirement, made by a third party, that the service be
    provided to the person, or that information relating to the person be provided to the third party. The third party that
    makes the request or requirement is liable for payment to the service provider for the service provided to the
    person. Specified third party services that are not insured by OHIP are those which are received wholly or partly for
    the production of a document, or the transmission of information to the third party, if the document or the
    information relates to:
    • admission to/continued attendance in a school/educational program
    • admission to/continued attendance in a recreational/athletic club/program
    • an application for/continuation of insurance
    • an application for/continuation of a license
    • entering/maintaining a contract
    • an entitlement to benefits, including insurance or pension benefits
    • obtaining/continuing employment
    • an absence from/return to work
    • legal requirements/proceedings

  • OTHER NON-OHIP: Some health care services are otherwise excluded from services insured by OHIP under provincial
    regulations (e.g. exam not meeting specific OHIP criteria for particular body part, exam in support of treatment
    considered experimental, exam for purpose of clinical research, etc.)

  • NON-RESIDENT: Only persons who are ordinarily resident in Ontario, as well as certain other persons deemed to be
    residents under provincial regulations, are entitled to receive OHIP-insured services without charge. Therefore,
    services provided to non-residents of Ontario are not insured by OHIP.

Yes, a signed Physician’s referral is required.

Upon receiving all necessary documents, you may be booked within 24 to 72 hours.

Our exams are conducted in state-of-the-art MRI facilities in accredited hospitals and private establishments throughout Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

A member of our team is available Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4 pm EST to assist with any questions you may have: 416 923 4567, or visit our contact page.